Melissa Knowles CV

Melissa Blythe Knowles is a photographer, exhibit curator and arts educator, who advocates the inherent rights of children, elders, and thee natural world within the international community. 

For many years, as Assistant Photographer and Artist to John Diamond, M.D., a pioneer in the field of holistic healing, she learned how to use the arts as a therapeutic modality. She has developed empathetic outreach approaches to visual arts education, including her own photography, placing her “at the forefront of innovative and inclusive arts pedagogy” and “inspiring a confidence in each individual’s creativity, at the same time as helping each individual to use their creativity to help their wider community.”

A Board Director for Media Voices for Children , Melissa curates "Beneath the Barcode" photography exhibits, that inform consumers of their role in global supply chains, and aid in the protection of children, especially those in enforced labor. She is currently developing long-term and onsite commitment with Precious Project, a non-profit that offers education and care to orphans and vulnerable children in rural Tanzania, Africa.  

Publicity, Exhibits, Awards

Human Rights Photography/Art Education Grant from the Umberto & Clorinda Romano Foundation

Art in the Arboretum Exhibit at Polly Hill Arboretum (2019)  (photographs on website)

Mass Audobon Picture This Photo Contest 2018, Honorable Mention

Zero Waste Art Installation, featuring her own and students work, West Tisbury School

Contact Melissa

Tel: 914-483-7207