Dinah –
Is there anyone finer
In the state of Carolina?
If there is and you know her,
Show her to me!

Dinah –
with her dixie eyes blazin’,
How I love to sit and gaze into
The eyes of Dinah Lee.

Every night,
Why do I shake with fright?
Because my Dinah might
Change her mind about me!

Dinah –
If she wandered to China,
I would hop an ocean liner
Just to be with Dinah Lee.

"Dinah" is a popular song published in 1925 and introduced by Ethel Waters at the Plantation Club on Broadway. It was integrated into the show "Kid Boots". The music was written by Harry Akst, and the lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. Hit versions in 1926 were by Ethel Waters, The Revelers, Cliff Edwards and Fletcher Henderson. 

One singer, Fannye Rose Shore, became so identified with the song that DJ Martin Block called her "Dinah Shore", which then stuck as her stage name for the next 50 years.


by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young & Harry Akst (1923)