M u s i c

Melissa runs Music Outreach programs for vulnerable communities, including the elderly living in, temporarily staying in or visiting nursing homes, hospitals, council on agings, and senior centers. The focus behind these programs is to enhance health and wellbeing through altruistically reaching out through singing.


Programs have a three-fold component: to help each person to share their natural musicality for the mutual benefit of all in the group; to encourage each person become a facilitator of another person’s music making; and to empower each senior to pass on their musical culture, which they feel has a deep significance, to younger generations.

The repertoire includes Tin Pan Alley songs, popular songs our elders grew up with, and songs that can be easily sung as a group, including children’s songs. Visitors regularly attend the program including volunteers, occupational therapists, children and adolescents from local schools, adults with disabilities, family members, university students, and those wishing to train in Music Outreach.

By learning the following songs, you will be able to more easily participate in these programs.
For lyrics, video, and audio, please click on the title of the song. Enjoy!