Melissa specializes in social-emotional approaches to learning, creativity and advocacy offering the children, elderly and vulnerable communities she works with the ability to enhance their own and others welfare.

Her work is marked by human contact, empathy, and engagement, and as a therapeutic-arts educator, she encourages the use of creativity as a way of encouraging kindness, personal growth and health.


She has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds; medical professionals & alternative health experts; art specialists, generalist and relief teachers in pre-school, elementary, secondary and tertiary education; seniors with dementia and limited mobility; individuals from underprivileged & different cultural backgrounds; and adults and adolescents with hearing loss, sight impairment, psychiatric disorders, and mental health diagnoses.


Her marriage of humanities, activism and arts disciplines places her at the forefront of innovative and inclusive arts pedagogy.  A photographer, storyteller, artist and singer herself, she has the unique ability to inspire a confidence in each individual’s creativity, at the same time as helping each individual to use their creativity to help their wider community.


The intent of her work is to:

  • provide creative tools to support personal health & wellbeing

  • help others creatively & openly express their individual and shared humanity

  • develop mutually beneficial relationships

  • create opportunities to show, and receive, care

  • promote empathy, charity and change

  • inform conversation and drive action


Her work is based on experience and research in children's rights,  general education, music education, art education, and arts therapy through both traditional and alternative pathways.