Egoless Art

October 3, 2017

I was running mini sessions for parents and their children, introducing them to the Stillpoint Paintings by Dr. John Diamond. An artist stopped by the booth, left, and then came back again, and simply could not take his eyes off of Dr. Diamond's paintings on display.


He watched as I worked with a young mother and her 4 year old daughter, and after asked what it was that I had been doing. I was trying to help shift the mother's perspective on what it means to be creative, for she believed, like so many, that because she could not draw pictorial representations well, she was therefore not artistic. This belief often prevents parents from picking up a pencil or paintbrush, and never knowing the benefits of shared art-making with their children. 


Showing her Dr. Diamond's Stillpoint Paintings  she realized that she could view the paintbrush simply as an extension of her hand, her arm, and her body even, and that without planning what she was going to paint, what movements and patterns were inside her, could more easily come out. 


She lit up as she began to paint, surprised at what "came out", and realized she could participate in art projects with her daughter, for she was able to create beautiful, flowing brushstrokes. The mother also realized that she could let her daughter's uninhibited, natural and playful approach to painting guide her, which in turn thrilled the daughter. The mother became an active participant in her child's art making, and each, and this is important, were able to express their creative needs. 


I have found that Dr. Diamond's approach to painting has always had the ability to remind people of their innate creativity, as it bypasses the ego, and let's what is simply inside us all, more easily come out. 


The artist paused, and said, "But every artist puts their ego in their art," and I replied, "Yes, that is what I was taught at art school as well. But Dr. Diamond has spent years researching how to create egoless art, so that everyone, artists and "non-artists" alike can reconnect with their inherent creativity, something which has nothing to do with talent, or acquired skill." 





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