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February 28, 2019

Art... must do something more than give pleasure: it should relate to our own life so as to increase our energy of spirit.

-Sir Kenneth Clark, Looking at Pictures


Art is one of the means of unifying people. If beautiful art does not express moral ideas, those ideas which unite people, ten it is not art but mere entertainment. People need to be entertained in order to stop being disappointed in their lives. 

- Kant


An artist is one of two things: he is either a high priest or a fairly polished entertainer. 

- Mazzini


The pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty often don’t have an immediate reward or benefit but it is still important to pursue them.


Humankind goes on without stopping. This forward movement is necessary for you as well. If you want to serve, you must be a worker in the spiritual progress of humanity.

- Tolstoy


Personality is a doer which disguises the divine being which lives in every person. The more one rejects personality, the more this divine being is manifested. 



The more a person is preoccupied with his own personality, the more limited he is; and on the contrary, the less a person is preoccupied with himself, the stronger he becomes and the more freedom he has. 



Equality cannot be attained, as some people think, by civil measures. It can be reached only by the love of the Divine and of other people. And this love can be attained not by civil measures but only as the result of spiritual learning. 



Look at the sky and at the earth, and think that everything passes. Mountains and rivers, and all forms of life, and creations of nature - all these pass. Then you will understand the truth, and you will see what remains and what does not pass. 

-Buddhist Wisdom


Simplicity is the consequence of refined emotions. 



The greatest truth is the simplest one.



In reflection then...


The greatest art is the simplest one; its message a direct communication from one heart to another. There is no need for decoration, this only dissipates it's purity, it's feeling, and the inner freedom found by the artist, whose duty he feels is to share this with others, so that they may be encouraged to experience it also. 


If art separates us from another person, it is not art. If art separates us from releasing our own creativity, it is not art, for art unifies us, as it was always meant to. With humanity, yes, but also with our own inner humanity; with nature, a reminder, also, of our inner nature. To realize our individual and intrinsic worth as part of a greater whole, is something we must continually search for, struggle for, and find ourselves traveling far for. Yet, it always surprises us, when all too often it is found on our doorstep, in the simplest, and often unspoken moments, a brush of the hand, or in the simplest of forms, a blade of grass. Art becomes so simple then, and yet so much more...

-Melissa Knowles


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